Our commitment to your privacy

First Union Capital. understands the importance of maintaining the privacy of personal and financial information. By entrusting your information to us, we hope to assure you of our commitment to keep it confidential. We have taken measurable measures to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of your information.

Summary of Privacy Policy

We may collect personal and financial information, manage your account, execute your requests for other products and services, and ensure compliance with regulations. Examples of information collected from you include phone numbers, email addresses, history, etc. We have implemented procedures to protect your non-public personal and financial information.

Unless permitted by law or otherwise required, First Union Capital. will not sell, share or disclose your non-public information to non-affiliated third parties. We may share such information with members only for the purpose of facilitating your request or instructions.

Our commitment to privacy protection applies not only to existing customers, but also to former customers, unless permitted or required by law.

We restrict access only to those employees or representatives who need to know information to help execute your product or service request. We have established policies and procedures on how to protect and use non-public personal information to guide our employees and representatives who act on our behalf. In addition, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural protection measures in compliance with federal and state regulations to protect your information.

To the extent required by law, our privacy policy applies to employees and representatives who act on behalf of the company. In addition, we regularly review the privacy policies of third parties to provide administrative services and joint marketing agreements to ensure compliance with appropriate federal and state regulations.

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy and related procedures at any time in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. If our policy changes, you will be notified before sharing such non-public information, and you can opt out of the information sharing arrangement.

This privacy statement is only used for the purpose of providing information. You can call or take any action without responding to this notification. We recommend that you read and keep this statement for personal use.