With a strong team of professionals including the best programmers from all over the world, First Union Capital has created superior results in UK since our establishment in 2017.

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Amor ADJ

First Union Capital - Amor Adj Portrait.

A proven leader with background in both programming and asset management, Amor leads the team at First Union Capital as CEO overseeing the strategy and operations. Amor has more than 15 years of managerial experience in the financial markets.


Well-known to the team as being a people-oriented leader, Amor also oversees the building of new technology capabilities and the sourcing of talent from all over the world.  Since First Union Capital’s establishment in September 2017, Amor has led the team to deliver outstanding results in Europe and America in record time.

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 Dean Grayson 

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Founder and Chief Technological Officer of First Union Capital, Dean has demonstrated expertise in the financial sector with over 16 years of Algorithmic Trading experience. Highly proficient in probability and statistics, Dean is specialised in the design of trading strategies, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Providing strategic direction on design of trading strategies, Dean leads the team of top-notch quantitative analysists and technology engineers with global interdisciplinary elites to create a fully automated intelligent trading system with low risk, high performance and stability by eliminating human emotional interference through more than a decade of big data collection. Dean also oversees the Legal, Compliance and Risk management teams.

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 Christopher Chase 

Chief Analyst at First Union Capital, Christopher is specialized in risk management of high value trading. Christopher is also highly skilled in Competitive Intelligence, Risk Management, IT Strategy, Cloud Computing and Data Protection.


Through his vast working experience in the financial industry, Christopher has built and demonstrated expertise in the financial and research industry.  With strong analytical, numerical and interpersonal skills, Christopher leads the Analyst department in big data analysis, investment management and in market strategy.


 Noah Robinson 

Noah is a highly regarded trader with demonstrated expertise in Trading, Money Market Funds, Financial Services, Equity Research, and Options. With more than a decade of experience and top-notch performance in the trading industry, Noah heads the team of traders as the Chief Trader of First Union Capital.


 Benjamin Price 

Benjamin is highly skilled and has demonstrated outstanding performance in Trading, Money Market Funds, Financial Services, Equity Research, and Options. With a specialization in European equity, Benjamin is a Senior Trader at First Union Capital since its establishment.


 Gunter Hartmann 

Gunter started off as a Trader and has been in this line for more than 13 years with specialisation in US equities. With outstanding performance throughout his trading history, Gunter is now a Senior Trader at First Union Capital.


 Martin Jacobs 

Martin is specialised in the European equity market, with strong expertise in data analysis. In his past roles, he has managed multiple portfolios for the APAC and European markets. At First Union Capital, Martin brings in his expertise in the European markets, overseeing the execution of orders and equity trade flow for the European market in a logical risk-controlled manner.