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A stock market index (or just stock index) measures the value of a specific section of the stock market. A stock index takes a number of different companies’ stocks and groups them together so they can be traded as one financial instrument. An index, therefore, captures the performance of these stocks as ONE number.

The value of an index is usually calculated based on either the prices or market capitalization of its constituents. They are called price-weighted index and capitalization-weighted index. Many investors pay close attention to major indices as they often show the state of the entire economy.

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Regional Stock Market Indexes track equities from specific regions around the world. For instance, these indexes may cover Asian, European, or Latin American equities.


National Stock Market Indexes represent the performance of the stock market of a definite country and reflects the sentiment of investors on the state of the economy. National Indexes include the stocks of large companies listed on the nation’s largest stock exchanges.

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