MetaTrader 5 • Fortex 6

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The powerful MetaTrader 5 gives traders unparalleled trading experiences.

MetaTrader 5(MT5) rich functionality, fundamental technical analysis, copy trading, and automated trading are all built-in, equipped with the best tools and instruments available in the market.

MT5 includes a multi-threaded strategy tester, fund transfer between accounts, and a system of alerts to keep abreast of all the latest market events.

Never miss a trading opportunity with these trading functions and Enjoy 24-hour trading on all major stock markets.


MetaTrader 5 Platform Provides:


●    Easy-to-read, interactive charts
●    Real-time monitoring and analysis of the market
●    9 different time frames
●    More than 30 technical indicators
●    Identification of market trends and entry and exit point signals
●    Powerful security system supporting multiple devices
●    Choose the time that suits you and trade with 100 times more information


Brings the power and market-depth of the FORTEX system directly to traders

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FORTEX is the preferred choice of many top financial institutions. It is the world's first system provider which offers neutral and direct access to deep interbank liquidity and extremely thin spreads.

With millisecond round-trip trading times, high-frequency and low-latency trading capabilities, FORTEX handles a total of $12 billion in currency transactions per day and serves only the most prominent international corporations and financial institutions.

*MetaTrader5 and FORTEX are system and platform providers that only provide the trading platform and trading engine to First Union Capital. There are no other investor relations such as commission or cooperation between First Union Capital and the two parties. There are no financial transactions between First Union Capital and the two parties except for the system usage-related costs.