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Since 2017, First Union Capital has successfully analyzed more than 75.6 billion pieces of data.

First Union Capital - Big Data Analytics

First Union Capital's Big Data Analytics is able to process large and diverse sets of information at high speeds. The system encompasses a high volume of information, at high velocity at which it is created and collected, with a huge variety of data points being covered. This allows First Union Capital a competitive edge in the market.


Big Data is about volume. The volume of data being collected can reach unprecedented heights. At First Union Capital, we collect Price Data of thousands of trades per second, along with 10 years of historical data.

Velocity is the speed at which data must be stored and analyzed. At First Union Capital, we differentiate ourselves in the market by being able to focus efficiently on analyzing each data accurately and at high speeds.


At First Union Capital, we analyze not only Structured Data (Price Data), but also Semi-Structured (machine readable news) and Unstructured Data (documents on the web or on social media), in order to achieve the most accurate and up-to-date data.

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